Die unieke kosmark met 'n International geur is elke Saterdag oop vanaf 08h00 tot 14h00. 'n Paar van die nuwe stalletjies is : The WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet stall has become a firm favourite at Hazel Food Market. Delighting us with a flavour of the month and gaining country-wide fame with their fabulous products. Read more about their write-up in the Food and Home Entertainment . Polly's Dim Sum stall sells a lovely array of Japanese food like Pork & Shitake mushroom siu mei or seafood tresure rolls. Visit her stall next to the Juice Bar and try some of the delicacies. Bel Arome, meaning Beautiful Aromas is one of our new stalls. Melissa sells a range of flavoured sugars, including Orange and Cinnamon, Lemon and Ginger, Coco Cocoa, Mint, Lavender, Chilli, and Vanilla. She also does a diabetic range. Visit her stall for loads of advice on how to use these sugars. We are delighted to announce that Belnori Boutique Cheesery is the winner of the 2012 Woolworth's Cheese Maker of the Year competition with their cheese Kilimanjaro; a curd washed, semi hard goat’s cheese which is matured for 4 months. Well done to Rina and Norman! One of our exciting new vendors is Alida Ryder (award winning food blogger (simply delicious) and author of Simple Delicious Recipes from the Heart). Find wonderful products from her book at the market.