Karen Edwards, ’n verpleegster van Ierland, het besluit om tydens haar kraamverlof te toer. En die afgelope 10 maande het sy, haar verloofde, Shaun, en hul babadogtertjie, Esmé, die wêreld vol gereis. 

Karen het die gesin se avontuur op haar webtuiste, Travel Mad Mom, en sosiale media gedeel.

"Jou lewe hoef nie stil te staan as die kinders eers daar is nie. Jou reisdae is beslis nie verby nie," skryf Karen.

FOTO: Instagram / @travelmadmom FOTO: Instagram / @travelmadmom

Esmé is in Engeland gebore. Net ’n paar weke daarna het die gesin na Shaun se geboorteland, Nieu-Seeland, gereis. En selfs ’n toer van sewe weke deur Asië aangepak.

Van Nieu-Seeland tot Viëtnam. Hier is die gesin se avontuur

So the day has arrived! The start of a 7 week adventure. One ten-month old baby, two adults, one backpack (supposedly), six countries and ten plane journeys.. I have had so many people ask why the hell bother getting everything into one backpack?  Good question.. literally every time I have travelled I have brought clothes I never wore on the trip. The other issue is when you have a baby that decides to have a wobbly it's not ideal to be tied up with several pieces of luggage. I for one, get myself into a tizzy. We are going to be moving around a lot so it needs to be comfortable and stress free. I would be lying if I told you it's been easy to get everything for the three of us into one backpack. We have had to be extremely ruthless and a little resourceful.  For those of you interested in how we did it: 1.We worked on the basis of 5-6 outfits and baby has about ten. 2. We used cloth draw string bags to section our respective belongings. Otherwise if you are looking for one item you will end up pulling the whole pack apart and that would be a right pain in the backside. 3. All products shampoo, SPF, moisturiser etc etc have been decanted into small reusable plastic pouches with a tap. We are considering all products unisex. I don't mind smelling like a man for a few weeks! Haha.. This saved a heap of space. 4. I searched high and low for compact light weight comfortable baby paraphernalia. Keep an eye on travelmadmum.com for reviews of our teeny weeny cot, compact buggy that also holds the car seat, teeny feeding chair and baby carrier.  5. We have brought a vacuum bag. We haven't actually used it yet but we will definitely vacuum pack our warmer clothes once we get to warmer temperatures. That will also give us a bit of space if we want to buy anything along the way. 6. I sabotaged my huge make-up bag by popping eyeshadow out of the larger boxes and making little protective pouches. We do have a couple of other miscellaneous pieces of hand luggage consisting of a bag of toys and a nappy bag. Please feel free to spread the word about this blog with those that might be interested by liking and sharing. #travel #travelmadmum #travelingwithababy #backpacking A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

  Very sad to be leaving Ubud today. Nestled in the heart of Bali's jungle it has so much to discover and explore. It is a nice place to be with a baby. We visited monkey forest and wandered around beautiful rice terraces hidden behind the bustling streets. The streets are littered with little shops selling colourful dresses, scarves and harem pants (proper mum attire), beautiful home furnishings and much more. So many nice places to eat, it is ridiculously affordable for good food. There is definitely a hippy vibe going on as it is a big hub for yogis. There is an abundance of places to practice. This is the only activity I feel I missed out on because of clingy baby.. As you can see she likes to stay close! Turned out to be quite helpful as not a great place for a buggy. If you are thinking of coming to Bali, I highly recommend Ubud. Now for the next part of our adventure .. Nusa Lembongen Island here we come .. #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #picoftheday #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #familytravel #livingthedream #baby #babywearing #bali #ubud #indonesia #jungle   A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

Six countries, eleven flights, countless hotels, log cabins, sun, storms, typhoons, ocean, beaches, snorkelling, surfing, water taxis, ferry's, river cruises, high speed rail trains, hiking, biking, scooter rides, cable cars, rice terraces, marble gorges, waterfalls, forests, jungles, monkeys, kangaroos, emu's, koala bears, snakes, temples, Hindu festivities, buzzing cities, skyscraper viewing platforms, character filled towns, markets, tailors, cobblers, massages, soft play, street food, oodles of amazing restaurants, some of the best food I have ever eaten, a few buckets loads of beer, not so much wine, a few arguments, stressful losing my shit moments as well as some of the most amazing memories of our very young little three person family all contributed to this experience. I don't want to say it is once in a lifetime because I really hope that's not the case. But for now it's time to put on a bra and stop living in hippy colour prints, get out the warmer attire and teach our little girl what it is to live in a house with a normal cot, not a travel cot, well for a while anyway! Feeling excited I will finally get to make a nursery for my her after we sort out the damp in her room. Coming back has been those head in hand moments trying to sort out our home and taking everything out of storage. Just some of the headaches of giving up your place for traveling. This picture is from our the last day of our trip! #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #picoftheday #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #wonderlust #familytravel #takethekids #travelwithkids #livingthedream #baby #mumblogger #travelblogger #blogger #hongkong #nexttrip #wanderlustforever A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

  To this amazing man who has missed UK fathers day because of traveling. Today we will celebrate NZ Father's Day. Thank you for being the most wonderful caring and compassionate father. Our little girl is so luck to have you. I spent 9 months wondering what you would be like as a dad because I found it so hard to imagine. Now I can't imagine you not a dad. You are wonderful. I hope we can make today special for you! #fathersday #dad #bestdad #surfer #kiwi #nz #daughter #bali #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #wonderlust #familytravel #takethekids #travelwithkids #livingthedream #baby #mumblogger #travelblogger #blogger #tdads   A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

I've heard so many people say I can't do this or I can't do that with a baby ... Ok .. Traveling may be slightly more restrictive with a little baby but it still very possible to have a great time. The only difference for us was we had to take things a little more slowly than normal and you may have to take turns with activities such as diving. This little angel has clocked up ten countries in her one year of life ... She seemed to love all the different sites and sounds on a daily basis.. Wondering where to go next now that we've been settled home for a few weeks.... I really miss the sun and beach .... #travel #travelwithbaby #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #wonderlust #familytravel #travelwithkids #picoftheday #traveltheworld #babywearing #flying #welltraveled #jetstar #balibound #brisbane #ergobaby @ergobaby A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

The absolute crap experience of getting a visa in Siem Reap is quickly forgotten when you step out of the airport. The sun is going down and the warmth of it on your skin is a true novelty after being in London for the last five months! We bundled our bits and bobs onto a truck Tuk Tuk ... I wonder how there not going to fall off! The driver assures me the road is smooth and not to worry! That smile from Esmé gazing at me as we whist through the wind on this new experience melts my heart. She had her hands held up high. I can see she is trying to catch the wind in her hand. Wedged between Shaun and I she says moooo moooo when she sees the water buffaloes drinking from the stream as we zoom by! I can see how stimulated and excited she has become! A far cry from the tanty at the visa desk half an hour previously! The actual travel part from place to place is not always easy but it's always worth the experience which follows.. (Looking a little wind swept in this one). #travel #travelwithbaby #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instadaily #instatravel #igtravel #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #wonderlust #familytravel #travelwithkids #picoftheday #traveltheworld #mumblogger #tmom #travelblogger #blogger #tuktuk #cambodia #siemreap A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

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