The Forgotten Children from our world has become their vision and a project was born. This mother and daughter duo have aimed to become the children’s voice as the children became their vision, captured across 28 large scale canvasses. This project is "THE INNOCENCE PROJECT." - a life changing project - a chance to canvas that which has been lost, but is now found. Both Jooste and Visser have captured the most beautiful images of some of the least demanding children of our world, in their raw beauty, moving and ultimately transforming it into emotional works of art. The Innocence Project invites the public to come and view this range from the Afghan child, the Peruvian Child, the Tibetan right through to the remote Himalayan tribes. The exhibition taking place at the Grand Beach will be open to the public from 18h00 onwards. Visser and Joost will be donating a percentage of sales generated through the Innocence Project to The Grand Africa Foundation. This will be the first of a bi annual exhibition, the following one featuring women with no voice.