GEORGE, SOUTH AFRICA (January 2012) – Hyatt Regency Oubaai is fast becoming a mecca for art lovers. The hotel is currently exhibiting a collection of uniquely crafted art, sculptures and furniture - the contemporary design and fluid architecture of the hotel lend itself to exhibiting the country’s great artists. The immaculate grounds serve as the perfect backdrop for these epic works of art. His works are undeniably an all-round sensory experience and with sculpted pieces exhibiting from enormous structural mastery to incredibly fine detail. The collection is called “TRANSITIONS” as it changes size, shape and form visible throughout the Hyatt Regency Oubaai. The man behind the craft has undoubtedly added to his incredible success. His love of poetry combined with his devotion to creating beautiful pieces of art moulds together with ease and communicates to art lovers, collectors and mere novices alike a new language – one of a man, deeply devoted to his art and his faith, expressing life in a bold and simply sublime way. Asked about his inspiration he said that he believes that creation continues incessantly through the medium of man and that man emulates and assimilates nature producing poetry of word and form. Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort and Spa was a natural choice for this exhibition - truly one of the country’s unique hotels in terms of design and concept, the Hyatt Regency Oubaai was built to complement and enhance its’ natural environment. Earth tones, simplicity, fynbos and the awe inspiring natural beauty of the Garden Route are reflected in the design of this elegant hotel. The dynamic combination for architecture, style and art make this hotel a warm yet sophisticated holiday destination. Media Enquiries: Mimi Finestone c/o Interface by Goji Cell: 0027(0)84 583 3144 Interface by goji 72 Hibernia Street George 6529