1st for Women celebrates female entrepreneurs - and we can see why!

The international banking group BNP Paribas found in their annual Entrepreneur Reportthat female entrepreneurs are more successful than men.

Although there are still fewer female entrepreneurs than men, it seems that the international trend is that women's businesses do better than men's.

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The financial journalist David Prosser think the reason for women's success is that they have the right characteristics, including:

1) Women are good at taking calculated risks. In a poll conducted by the Centre of Entrepreneurship (mainly in the UK), 80% of the female entrepreneurs surveyed said they see opportunities where others see risks.

2) Women have a good head on their shoulders. From the same survey 42% of women describe their business as thriving, compared to 62% of the men surveyed. But it's not because their companies doesn't perform well, on the contrary, their businesses perform just as well and in some cases better.

3) Women are very ambitious: Approximately 66% of women in corporate careers want to start their own business compared to just 33% of men. And 47% of women who own their own company, want another one.

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