I’ve been training my ass off 5 weeks after Ruby was born, I know you have to wait 6 weeks but I couldn’t wait any longer and having a Winter baba means days spent indoors, cabin fever hit me a bit, you know that sluggish feeling. I have a brilliant trainer twice a week, he’s killing me at the moment, a lot of weight training. I do Bikram Yoga twice a week and finish off the week with an hour cardio session. I don’t think women need to feel the pressure to loose the baby weight as soon as they leave the hospital but Modeling is my career and not only that but exercise is part of who I am, it makes me happy and helps me get rid of any frustrations I might have. Look, it’s not easy to exercise 5 times a week on a sleep deprived body, but it’s also a challenge at the same time and I think that’s what I’m after. Ruby is 2 months old and I almost have my body back, think I have 3 Kg at the most to loose. I retain water easily, that’s why I combine my gym training with Bikram Yoga, also to stretch any stiff muscles and help strenghten my core. Your posture changes dramatically after having a baby. First you carried the weight of your belly and now you stand with your baby on your hip, so it’s important to make Yoga part of your exercise regime. To help motivate yourself, either look at a picture of your body before you had the baby or make a gym mix. Here’s mine at the moment, posted a few of the songs that keeps me going.