Eers was dit die Blitsbokke en nou is dit die Proteas. Die manne kook op die krieketveld! Maar dis nie net hul spel wat ons aandag trek nie, maar ook hul kleingoed.

Ja, die krose brei omtrent uit. Kaptein AB de Villiers en sy vrou, Danielle, se tweede kind is op pad.

In 2015 was dit nie net dié twee nie, maar ook spanmaats JP Duminy en sy vrou, Sue, en Morné Morkel en sy Roz Kelly wat kinders op pad gehad het. ’n Oulike foto van die drie vroue met hul bababoepies is op sosiale media versprei.

FOTO: Instagram roz.kelly.morkel FOTO Instagram / @rozkelly

En toe die babas uiteindelik hul opwagting maak, het Sue ’n foto van die drie in krieketklere op Instagram gedeel. Te ougat!

Isabella already breaking heartS

A photo posted by Sue Duminy (@sueduminy) on

Dis twee jaar later en kyk net hoe groot het hulle geword:

Klein AB de Villiers

  Coverdrive 101   A photo posted by AB de Villiers (@abdevilliers17) on
Eager beaver A photo posted by AB de Villiers (@abdevilliers17) on
  First Protea training session for little Ab @abdevilliers17   A photo posted by Danielle de Villiers (@danielledevilliers) on
Jy word te vinnig groot ABtjie A photo posted by Danielle de Villiers (@danielledevilliers) on

JP en Sue Duminy se Isabella

  I left her alone for literally a second toddlers have super powers I swear   A photo posted by Sue Duminy (@sueduminy) on
  #75   A photo posted by Sue Duminy (@sueduminy) on

Morné Morkel en Roz Kelly se Ari

  ONE!! He survived, we survived! (Although we look about 65 years older. And most days feel about 155 .) Since I met this otherworldly creature face to face 12 months ago I haven't gone to the toilet alone or eaten a meal sitting down ... Ohh I jest I jest ... ok that's actually fact but I wouldn't change it for the world because he's the ultimate wingman. The Robin to my Batman. The Odie to my Garfield. The pea to my carrot. He's the one who made me a (highly caffeinated) mumma bear and I'm sure my friends will agree a much nicer person (cough cough ). He smiled early in life and has barely stopped since (possibly wind but will claim it ). He loves little people, puppies (dogs & boobs and playing hide and seek. We communicate telepathically, have our own secret games and jokes (rephrase: he has his own jokes on me when I want to snooze and he wants to partay). He has eyes like crystal balls and is so magical I'm convinced he's not entirely human Oh and he sure as heck knew today was his day cause he twirled and giggled and boogied and snorted and wahhhhhhhh will you please stay this delicious forever and never borrow my car and have girlfriends and get tattoos or piercings or attitude and wahhhh where did my wrinkled alien go and wahhhhI demand you stop growing up so fast. #mumfiles #adventuresofariasflynn #letthembelittle #candidchildhood   A photo posted by ? Roz ? (@life.of.roz) on

Chip of the old block eh... and I'm not talking about the on point moody selfie game (only 50 takes and 13 filters over filters later mind you ). So I have a coffee fetish. Breaking news I know (Unless you just thought that cup permanently attached to my hand was a growth?). Coffee. It's my (every)thang. Anyway while I've been busy sipping on the liquid gold, in the blink of an eye this sweet little pumpkin pie boy of mine ... all of 13 months and all ... Has morphed into a middle aged corporate fat cat man child overnight and only takes his milk if it's out of a takeaway coffee cup. Don't dare insult him by offering it up in a plastic Peppa Pig sippy cup or bottle. Its a coffee cup or not at all. I can't decide, is this my proudest moment or most concerning as a parent so far? Is it just a harmless coffee cup? Or is it setting him on the path toward dragon tattoos and fast cars?. Motherhood. It can throw you the odd curve ball. That's why I like chatting to other mums. And by chatting, I mostly mean creeping out on Instagram mums for ideas and inspo. There's so many sensational mummy websites and blogs out there which make you realise it's ok to talk about poo ... In all its shapes, sizes and colours. No this ramble isn't an excuse to use the poo emoji. It's actually just letting you know I chat about hashtag mum life on a fab Sth African mummy blog run by major #mumgoals @julianavasconcelosss @unelottering ... I think I only mention poo once in the post but all I hope is just maybe another mumma bird may take a snippet of something useful from it ... Sharing is caring right? Or as the latest lovely hashtag craze says #unitedinmotherhood (link upstairs in bio) A photo posted by ? Roz ? (@life.of.roz) on

What a boytjie.. A video posted by Morne Morkel (@mornemorkel65) on

Binnekort kan die kleingoed hul eie krieketspan begin.

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