Use the basic recipes for vanilla cupcakes and vanilla icing to make these cupcakes.

(12 to 14 cupcakes)

  • 20 ml green food colouring
  • rugby ball decorations
  • green sugar crystals
  • 12 strings liquorice sweets

Set aside 125 ml buttercream icing and colour the rest green. Using a spatula, spread on top of cupcakes. Pipe a white H-shape on top, using a piping bag. Add rugby ball decorations and sprinkle with green sugar crystals. Cut 8 liquorice strings into 5 cm pieces and the rest into 3 cm pieces. Push toothpicks horisontally through the 3 cm pieces. Attach the 5 cm pieces vertically to the other pieces to form goalposts. Trim the toothpicks. Add goalpost shapes to cupcakes.