Op 19 weke het Wendy Cruz-Chan van New York haar baba verloor. Om die verlies te verwerk het sy toe besluit om haar borsmelk aan ander babas te skenk.

Ná sy die hospitaal verlaat het, het sy agtergekom dat haar melkkliere besig is om te ontwikkel. As terapie het sy haar melk uitgepomp en dit geskenk aan ma's in nood. Só het sy ses babas help voed.

Wendy is ook ’n doula en het hierdie proses as ’n vorm van genesing gedoen.

#Repost @blacklotusmother ··· This month is Pregnancy and Infant Loss month and it's important that we support those of our friends and families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss! There are many wants to honor that soul but it's important that you speak with the mom and family about what's best for them. REPOST 3 months ago today, I embarked on a lactation journey 3 days after my stillbirth of my son Killian. I had pumped and donated 2,038 ounces of my breastmilk to 6 babies. I had finally reached my personal goal at over 2,000 oz in 3 months. Now it's time to end my lactation journey and concentrate on myself as I get my body ready for the next pregnancy. I have to be on a month long of penicillin therapy. I am so grateful for helping out all those babies with my milk and meeting their families. Pumping every 3-4 hours a day including nights was very tiring. But it was so worth it. Seeing those babies thriving from my milk, really helped me through my healing process. I know I'm going to miss lactating. I wanted to show that even after a tragic stillbirth, you can turn that into something positive and inspire those around you. Through my grief I evolved and learned to pull myself out of the darkness. I'm so blessed to have so many people, friends, family and most importantly my wonderful husband John and my daughter Ariya supporting me and able to share my journey. Now my next journey is to get a CuddleCot in NY Methodist Hospital and hopefully other hospitals in NYC in Killian's memory. All this for the unconditional love for my Killian in heaven. All this to break the silence of stillbirths. #RIPKillianChan #stillbirth #stillborn #bereavement #infantlost #grievingmother #donatedbreastmilk #sharingiscaring #pumping #liquidgold #breastpump #breastmilk #breastfeeding #pregnancyloss #pregnancylossawareness #pail #CuddleCot #giftoftime #mothersofstillbirths #medela #electricbreastpump #humanmilk #lactation #makingadifference #angelbaby #19weeksgestation #bornsleeping #amotherslove

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Wat is ’n doula?

’n Doula ondersteun vroue tydens die geboorteproses en help die nuwe ma ook na´ die bevalling, maar is nie ’n vroedvrou nie.

Die doula 

- Vang geen babas nie.

- Vervang nie jou dokter of verpleegster nie.

- Praat namens jou met die personeel.

- Maak geen keuses vir jou nie.

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