The story about us ... “It all began 24 years ago; when I fell in love with the most caring, beautiful spirit. She welcomed me into her life with a warm smile that followed with a soft kiss. I immediately knew that I belonged. In her arms I felt safe and loved. She immediately became my very favourite person, my best friend. She took me home with her. She gave me a safe haven. I couldn't have asked for a better place to grow up and shape my life. I had the best days with her. We played and she read me stories and we listened to “Storieman” together on the radio. She taught me how to sew and bake and how to read and count and how to tie my shoes and how to appreciate the small things in life.  We were inseparable from the first day we met. She believed in me. Now, after 24 years, I am a grown woman. I am who I am because of that woman who promised – that one day in August – to love and care for me until death do us part. When I am with her, life seems bearable. She makes everything better. I will be forever grateful for the woman that gave me life; that gave me spirit. The one thing that I will never forget about her; she taught me how to love. I had the best days with her. She is my mom. She is my best friend." Doreen Schmidt, Plettenbergbaai