Dear Denise I would like to record my thoughts and appreciation to you. As you know I am not very good with poetry or words and this is not meant to be poetry; these are merely my thoughts in no particular order. You are the most beautiful person in the world. You are extremely beautiful. You are caring, loving, intelligent, giving, creative, gentle, warm and fun to be with. Not many, least of all me, deserve to be blessed with such an incredible person as their partner, lover, friend and soul mate. For this I say THANK YOU. No child, and all 3 of ours, could wish for a better stepmother. I believe that the success of our children is largely as a result of the way in which we nurtured them and the values we instilled in them AND the incredible exemplarily way YOU conducted yourself in the invidious position of stepmother. (I don not like the word “stepmother” so please read as “mother”.) For this I say THANK YOU. Your positive attitude towards life is amazing. You always see the good in others and everyone always has positive things to say about you. This rubs off on others and you certainly leave a positive impression with everyone you meet. For this I say THANK YOU. Your creativeness has astounded all of us. Your decorative skills, card making, jewelry making, calligraphy, photography and painting are awesome. I have never been exposed to such an incredible range of skills and so well mastered in one individual. For this I say THANK YOU. Your business acumen and people skills are outstanding. You are a successful senior manager in the corporate world. And I know that all of your staff and clients have the highest regard for your ability, delivery and professionalism. For this I say THANK YOU. Any pet can only wish to have you as its owner. You are caring and loving to all pets, not just ours. You always have time and NEVER get cross or lose your cool with creatures, which I don’t always understand or appreciate. For this I say THANK YOU. As a wife you have no equal. You are compassionate, caring, loving, sexy, beautiful, understanding, forgiving and 100% orgasmic! I’m sorry that I have not always appreciated you and at times have taken you for granted. I know that I, together with my personal circumstances and business commitments have placed a large responsibility on you and at times left you on your own to handle the situations which are normally shared between partners. I have not told you how much I appreciate you for this and yet you handle it without complaining. For this I say THANK YOU. I know you for some 18 years now and we have been together for a large part of that, and I can honestly say that it has been fantastic and is a privilege to be married to you. I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. My wish is to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife, friend, lover and soul mate. I love you and will always love you. Your loving husband