Hier is een van die 15 komberspatrone uit Elle se kombersboek Winter warmers

Blanket book coverAs jy nog patrone vir komberse soek, maak ‘n draai by www.elleyarns.com/books/project-books (R34,95)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless yarn specified is used, SAPROTEX cannot accept responsibility for the finished work.

Owing to printing restrictions the colour reproduction is matched as closely to the yarn as possible.



17 balls Bark 053

One 5,5mm circular needle.

One cable needle.


± 120cm wide x 175cm long.



16sts and 32 rows = 10cm over garter stitch using 5,5mm needles.


C3B = slip next 2sts onto a cable needle and hold at back of work, k1 st from left hand needle, then k2sts from cable needle; C3F = slip next st onto a cable needle and hold at front of work, k2sts from left hand needle, then k1 st from cable needle; dec = decrease; k = knit; p = purl; pw2 = purl next stitch, wrapping yarn twice around needle; rep = repeat; sl = slip; st(s) = stitch(es); tog = together; WSF = wrong side facing.


Using a 5,5mm circular needle cast on 120sts.

K every row until work measures ±175cm, then cast off all sts.

SIDE TRIM (Both Alike):

Using a 5,5mm circular needle, pick up and k350sts (= 20sts per 10cm) evenly and neatly along side edge.

NOTE: Drop the extra loop on 2nd and 8th rows to make long st. Make sure not to twist these long sts when working the sl sts.

1st row: WSF, k6, p1, pw2, p4, *(pw2) twice, p4, rep from * to last 8sts, pw2, p1, k6.

2nd row: K7, sl1, k4, (sl2, k4) to last 8sts, sl1, k7.

3rd row: K6, p1, sl1, p4, (sl2, p4) to last 8sts, sl1, p1, k6.

4th row: As 2nd row.

5th row: As 3rd row.

6th row: K7, (C3F, C3B) to last 7sts, k7.

7th row: K6, p3, (pw2) twice, *p4, (pw2) twice, rep from * to last 9sts, p3, k6.

8th row: K9, sl2, (k4, sl2) to last 9sts, k9.

9th row: K6, p3, sl2, (p4, sl2) to last 9sts, p3, k6.

10th row: As 8th row.

11th row: as 9th row.

12th row: K7, (C3B, C3F) to last 7sts, k7.

13th to 18th row: Rep 1st to 6th row.

Next row, dec row: K2, (k2tog, k3) to last 3sts, k2tog, k1 = 280sts.

Next row: K.

Cast off all sts.

Block throw to measurement, cover with damp cloths and allow to dry.


CORDED TASSELS (Make desired amount):

Cut 8 strands each 80cm long and fold in half.

Holding each end in left and right hands, beg to twist in opposite directions until cord becomes tight.

Keeping cord as straight and possible, grab the ends tog securely and give the cord a “whip” to allow the strands to coil.

Secure the tassel ends and trim neatly.

Sew the corded tassel evenly along the cast on and cast off edges.