The competition, now in its third year, recently announced the finalists. More than 3500 people from 86 countries have entered and the overall winner will be announced on 14 December. 

The competition was founded by Tanzanian photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam to raise awareness for conservation and to elicit a giggle.

For more photos, visit their website

There’s also a book, called Wild and Crazy: Photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which contains some of the best shots.

Photo: Tibor Kercz.
Photo: Tina Stehr.
Photo: Katy Laveck.
Photo: Josef Friedhuber.
Photo: Daisy Gilardini.
Photo: Roie Galitz.
Photo: Troy Mayne.
Photo: Douglas Croft.
Photo: George Cathcart.
Photo: Jean-Jacques Alcalay.
Photo: Graeme Guy.
Photo: Carl Henry.
Photo: Brian Valente.
Photo: Penny Palmer.
Photo: Melissa Nolan.
Photo: Christopher Martin.
Photo: Barb D'Arpino.
Photo: Aster Leung.
Photo: Andrey Giljov.
Photo: Andrea Zampatti.