You can only tune in to the same radio station for so long before yearning for something new.

Our new podcast series is exactly what you need: Listen to our stories during rush hour in the car, while you’re cooking in the kitchen, or between game drives in the Kruger.

What is it?

go! Stories is our own podcast – an audio feature that you download or stream, usually using your smartphone. In each episode, one of our travel writers will read a favourite column from our archives.

When can I listen to new episodes?

We’re kicking off the podcast with four brand-new episodes. In future, we’ll upload a new one every second Wednesday. 

How much does it cost?

Not a cent! If you want to help us, put away your wallet and rather do this: Go to iTunes, and rate our podcast out of five. This will enable more people to see go! Stories. Enjoy the first four episodes here: 

Episode 1: Naasdom and the art of changing a motorcycle tyre

Episode 2: Tea breaks the ice 

Episode 3: Down Under and Dirty

Episode 4: Love one, loathe one on the N2