Cat® phones are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Get one, and you’ll never worry about damaging your phone again. 

Many so-called “rugged” devices simply appear rugged. But appearances can be deceiving. Actual rugged phones undergo a series of design and construction tests in order to verify their claims. 

 Cat® phones
Cat® phones

The US Military Standard (MIL STD) 810 was introduced to provide a range of tests that simulate how materials withstand environmental stress during their operational lifetime. There are eight MIL STD 810 tests used to determine whether a mobile phone is truly rugged. One of these is the drop test. Most brands validate their devices in a range of 0,8m to 1m. Very few will test to 1,2m.

Cat® phones are dropped 30 times on multiple surfaces from an impressive 1,8m. In fact, Cat® phones proudly pass nine MIL STD 810 tests, along with an exhaustive schedule of 52 other reliability tests including bending, tumbling, temperature, water and dust ingress. 

 Cat® phones
Cat® phones

Because of this, Cat® is the market leader in rugged mobile phones. Every Cat® phone that leaves the factory comes with the most comprehensive two-year warranty of any smartphone in South Africa, which covers all defects and even accidental damage.

Cat® is the market leader in rugged mobile phones

The flagship S61 has enhanced resolution of thermal images and can “read” temperatures of up to 400°C, providing enough detail to help locate and diagnose damp, drafts, leakage, electrical shorts or plumbing blockage. It boasts an indoor air-quality monitor to alert you to high levels of indoor air pollutants, and it measures humidity levels. It’s also the world’s first smartphone with an integrated laser-assisted distance measure. 

Add to this its world-leading rugged credentials: drop-proof from 1,8m onto concrete; waterproof up to 3m for 60 minutes, including in salt water; and resilient to all types of dust. 

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