The WSD-F21HR smartwatch is designed for efficient, effective fitness training, as well as mountain climbing and trekking. With additional features and new technology, this smartwatch will take your hobby to the next level.

Use the new heart rate monitor to manage your pace during activities such as road running, trail running and cycling. This feature, together with wearable map technology, means you can continually check your physical condition and navigate unfamiliar routes. 

The Activity app now has running and trail running menus, and displays measurement data in real time. Choose which type of information you want displayed on the watch: heart rate, pace or distance. Or simply switch between the four screens to access all the information you need.Use the GPS log data to check running, trekking and cycling routes you or friends have used in the past.

Data measured by the Activity app is automatically saved to Google Drive, and you can view your activity history on Google Calendar.The new WSD-F21HR is compatible with a number of apps such as ViewRanger, Bikemap and Strava, and will connect seamlessly with your other devices. 

Casio PRO TREK Smart
Casio PRO TREK Smart

Main features

 • First heart rate monitor in a PRO TREK Smart model

• Equipped with an optical sensor that measures heart rate by flashing LED light into the wrist. A new heart rate watch face automatically switches to the heart rate monitor screen when motion is detected by the accelerometer. The measured heart rate information is expressed as one of five heart rate zones.

• New activities: Running and trail running menus

• The displayed data for road and trail running in the Activity app can be customised by the user. Information choices include heart rate, pace and distance, and up to four screens can be set. The user can easily switch between the preset screens and check the desired information while engaged in the activity. 

• The map and current location shown enables users to experiment with unfamiliar routes.

• Water-resistant up to 50 metres

The WSD-F21HR is a practical, wearable piece of technology that will benefit anyone who loves outdoor sports.

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Prys: R9 999