Lees jou gunsteling-tydskrifte en -koerante nou alles op een plek teen slegs R99 p.m. Word 'n intekenaar
Curb noisy, unruly road menaces

The people who live in and around Barry Street, especially the parking area in front of Shoprite, are being terrorised by inconsiderate people who drive cars with no silencers in this area at night.

They stand in the parking area and rev their car engines until they scream, and do wheelies and scream off all night long.

This happens every Saturday and some Sunday nights. This goes on all night until morning when the night club closes at 05:00. They also shout and scream, and play loud music and hoot all the time, and use the parking area as a toilet. These same cars scream around Robertson all day.

One person has already been hurt. They scream up and down Barry Street. They do not stop at stop signs.

Is there no control about liquor licenses and noise?

Does the Langeberg Municipality not have laws against cars with no silencers? Do the traffic police not fine them for no silencers or do they have friends in right places?

Many of us have been fined for no seatbelt, and so on. So why no fines for not having silencers on your car?

I have been told that I am wasting my time writing this letter, as nothing will be done about it.

Please will other people affected by this noise and danger also write to the Gazette?

We do not have to live with this bad behaviour – it must be sorted out. I would like you to publish this letter for all of us.

The letter was submitted to the Langeberg Municipality. No comment was received

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