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Some are in Robertson just to fleece others

I am proud to call myself a Robertson citizen. For the past 10 years my family and I have been living in this beautiful town.

I have seen many properties being sold and restored to their former glory by their new owners, but on the other hand I have seen properties bought up by people who have no interest whatsoever in our town except for the fact that they can make money off people who have to rent property by charging ridiculous amounts.

It is a known fact that there are very few properties for rent in Robertson and above-mentioned people take advantage of the fact.

To make matters worse some of our so called “respected” property agencies are going along with this trend, which puts the property owners in a position to do as they want and get away with it!

I know that as a single person I am not going to change the situation, but I do hope that in reading this article the relevant people will hang their heads in shame and do what they can to reinstate their good standing among the Robertson people

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