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Residents at wit’s end over speeding

DESPITE numerous complaints to the Kouga Municipality and near car crashes, residents have yet to get the municipality to install speed- curbing measures on one of Paradise Beach’s most dangerous roads.

According to fed-up residents, they have to put up with motorists speeding down Immergroen Avenue daily - whether it is motor vehicles or trucks. Without any regard for the bad state of the road. And despite the road sign indicting that the road – that is considered as one of the main roads in the area and leads to the Pa-radise Beach Caravan Park and se-veral houses – is a 40km zone.

Residents fear that it will take someone being “hurt or killed” before speeding drivers are dealt with.

“Cars are flying down there. It’s shocking,” says one resident who wants to remain anonymous.

According to her, the Kouga Municipality tarred a section of the gravel road – despite a promise that the whole road will be tarred – and erected a speed bump at the entrance of the street in August this year.

However, these, or the numerous potholes, do not deter motorists from exceeding the speed limit.

“Once they reach the gravel road, they create a huge cloud of dust that blows to each house and collects on their porches, in their yards, on their cars and lingers in the air.”

In a recent incident two children, aged 10 and 12 respectively, were almost knocked of their bicycles by a speeding motorist.

According to their mother, Trixie le Roux, who was jogging next to them, it is worrying that motorists speed. “There are pedestrians on the road, and I fear that they might get hurt,” she says.

They now demand more speed bumps, as well as the fixture of the numerous potholes.

“One speed bump is not enough;0 it does not break the motorist’s speed. There should be at least two more speed bumps on this road,” says residents.

According to Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Freddy Campher, potholes are a problem across the Kouga region. The maintenance backlog is estimated to be more than R500 million.

“Pothole repairs have been ongoing – almost 8 000 were repaired in the previous financial year, including 2 008 in Ward 12 where Immergroen Avenue is located,” says Campher.

“Mitigation measures include the recent launch of a special intervention programme through which additional funding and workers are secured to intensify repairs, as well as the procurement of two new asphalt cutters and the exploration of other innovations, including shotcrete fillers used in mines to improve the quality and lifespan of pothole repairs.

“While all roads have been receiving attention, the focus is on main roads that carry the most traffic. Johan Muller Boulevard in Paradise Beach has, for example, been a focus area in Paradise Beach. Work on the road is expected to be completed this week, and the municipal road team will then move to Immergroen Avenue.”

According to Campher, the municipality focuses on high-accident zones in terms of its own planning.

Residents can submit requests for traffic calming measures in high-speed areas to the Kouga Traffic Department at rprinsloo@kouga.gov.za and snelson@kouga.gov.za. Also copy adubruyn@kouga.gov.za and fkettledas@kouga.gov.za.

Alternatively, residents can submit requests to their ward committee for possible funding through the Ward Development Fund or raise the matter at the upcoming Integrated Development Plan (IDP) community consultation meetings.

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