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Gardening turned into child’s play
Winter is the ideal time for gardening games with kids.Photo: Lifeisagarden
Gardening can be turn into a game. Photo: Crema Joe, Unsplash

Gardening can be a real-life gaming opportunity for children.

Life is a Garden give the following suggestions:

  • Select possible players by choosing the best-suited plants for your kid. A visit to a garden centre can become an exciting outing. A few worthy contenders, which are relatively easy to grow and fun to harvest, are:

Namaqualand daisies which are colourful and quirky sun lovers, attracts butterflies and bees, flowers during autumn, winter and early spring.

Iceland poppies which are available in many shades and bicoloured varieties. It is easy to grow in full sun, flowers in winter and spring, makes for a great cut flower.

Wild mint smells amazing and has many uses. It is a fast grower in semi-shade or full sun.

Sugar snap peas is an easy, great tasting veggie for winter growing in full sun. It is frost hardy, likes to climb and loves to be picked.

  • Choosing your weapons, wisely. Plastic spades and buckets are great for the beach, but gardening is a “big kid” job, which requires suitable weaponry. Allow the kids to use real, grown-up gardening tools. Get physical, strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and show kids what these tools can do. Saw the handles of wooden tools shorter and look out for smaller versions of spades, rakes and forks, commonly found at garden centres.
  • Create a world of wonder. Give your kid a large pot or a designated area in the garden. Invite the kid’s imagination to see the possibility of a zombie, troll, mermaid or fairy garden! Transform that old plastic shell tub into a mermaid flower bed by drilling holes underneath for drainage and decorate with seashells. Plant ferns and succulents as hair inside gnome shaped pots, complete the look with some pebbles, moss, and a few troll figurines.Use bricks to build a garden bed in the shape of Micky Mouse or a butterfly.
  • Add theme-appropriate ornaments and toys to the garden, such as army dudes, fairy statues, painted mushrooms, treasure chests, racing cars, and whatever else goes.
  • Reaching the first checkpoint. Now that the first milestone was reached, it is all about patience. While you wait, start a growing chart with your kid to document the growth of the game players. Kids will also enjoy decorating the project according to their garden theme.The growing chart encourages responsibility, dedica­tion and attention to detail.
  • – Source: Lifeisagarden.co.za
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