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Prize trophies beckon as hunting season approaches

THE hunt is almost on! Easter is behind us and temperatures are dropping, two sure signs that hunting season is just around the corner.

For a true enthusiast, nothing beats the thrill of a good chase and being able to take that trophy home to show off to the guys.

However, before you can start dreaming about the fresh mountain air around you, the blood pumping in your veins and that moment of absolute silence just before you pull the trigger, you have to think about preparation and supplies.

Hunting season in the Eastern Cape opens in June and closes end of August each year. It may seem like it’s still way off, but before you know it, time will have run out and the season will be underway.

The Co-op Mica is the perfect place to find all the tools of the trade in one location. They stock firearms, ammo, camouflage, camping gear and hunting accessories, everything necessary to ensure that you and your hunting party set off on a grand adventure with nothing in mind but getting that buck in your sights.

Three items in particular cannot be overlooked that will make it that much easier to add another trophy to your collection. An X- bag will see to it that your rifle is protected against bangs and bumps while fine tuning and shooting your rifle. A pair of Ranger binoculars will help you get your eye on the prize.

Whether you need a close-up of that prize-winning buck or a wider view to spot your target, Ranger is the way to go. Some of their binoculars are waterproof and suitable to use with or without spectacles. They are also powerful, lightweight and easy to use.

The third item is the nifty Nikko Stirling rangefinder. It is used in many sports to measure the distance to a target.

Stirling rangefinders are fast and easy to aim, water and dust resistant, and compact and lightweight.

South Africa has become a prime hunting spot over the years.

Its wide variety of animal species, which ranges from the prized kudu to the bushbuck, serves to tempt many a hunting enthusiast every year to try to get one in their sights.

After all, hunting in the Eastern Cape is a truly unique experience.

The various different natural environments, such as the mountains, plains and densely wooded forests, only add to the challenge which is something most hunters thrive on.

So, whether you are gearing up to take that annual men-only trip with the guys or your wife is brave enough to join you, make your way down to the Co-op to get your first taste of that adventure.

For more info or advice on your hunting needs, visit the Co-op Mica, located in the Willow Road Shopping Centre on the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road, or contact the sales team on 041 007 0580.

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