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Dog dies after stab wounds

A Goodwood resident says she is concerned at the extent of animal cruelty after her dog was stabbed multiple times and later died.

According to Dominique Morland everything transpired when her brother took her Pitbull dog, Adi, for a walk in the early hours of Thursday 1 August.

She says her dog, which was a pure-bred medium sized pitbull, was one-year-and-two-months at the time. The dog was stabbed 11 times.

“Adi was an amazing dog, never aggressive and was well known by quite a lot of people in Goodwood and in the Milnerton area. She was loved by so many people. She only knew love, she never ever knew what violence was, she was never hit by me as an owner, she only knew of how to be loving and playful. She was still a puppy.

“As per a witness that gave her statement at Goodwood Police Station, she saw everything of what happened and wanted to come forward. Apparently five men, driving a white BMW in Voortrekker Road, tried to knock my brother and my dog over. When my brother ‘dodged’ them, they made a U-turn and tried knocking them over again. My brother gave Adi to one of the people who was with him to take her away from what was happening.

These five men then went after that person that had Adi, stabbed him in the face. He then let go of Adi, leaving her and she ran.”

Morland says Adi decided to run towards their home in Fisher Street when the BMW apparantly started to chase after the dog.

“It’s alleged that the guy in the passenger, then managed to get near her, climb out, lift my dog up by the back of her neck and repeatedly started stabbing Adi all around her body. Adi managed to get away after being stabbed and started running. They drove after her, knocked her over. Adi tried to get up and run, but she was limping while trying to run away, they managed to get Adi again, put her in their car in the passenger side and repeatedly stabbing her. This lady was shouting at them to leave the dog, to not hurt the dog and they shouted back ‘The dogs p#@s! We using this dog for muti’. I don’t know this lady, but I am so grateful for her statement. The guy that was stabbed by these five men opened a case at Goodwood Police Station as well.”

She adds that her brother ran back home to inform her and her mother about what happened. From there they went to the police station: “My mom received a call from my brother saying Adi was stabbed.

“When we got to the scene, these five men were laying in the middle of the road with police cars surrounding them in the road next to the library (opposite Shoprite). Adi, was still on the passenger side, her body on the floor of the car and her head laying over the passenger seat of their BMW. I could see Adi was happy to see us even though she was struggling to breathe. I tried picking her up, my brother helped take her out the car. We rushed her to the Tygerberg Vet Emergency hospital. Five minutes before we got to the hospital, Adi stopped breathing.”

After the dog was declared dead, Morland took her to the SPCA as she requested a post mortem to be done: “I want to know exactly what happened, why she didn’t make it and what each stab did to her body causing her to pass.”

Morland assisted TygerBurger with the case number. 

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson, Belinda Abraham, says they are investigating:

“We can confirm that the matter was reported to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. Adi’s remains were brought into the SPCA by her owner and have subsequently been sent to the state vet for post-mortem purposes. Adi’s owners have already opened a docket in respect of other charges relating to this incident and the SPCA will be adding animal cruelty charges to the existing docket as soon as we have all the necessary evidence.” 

Abraham says almost 7 000 cases of animal cruelty was reported: “Sadly our beloved pets often fall victim to violent crime. We are currently pursuing charges against two individuals in respect of the horrific stabbing of a dog in Khayelitsha site B. During the last financial year alone, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA conducted 6 933 cruelty investigations of varying severity. A total of 33 cases were opened and referred for prosecution.” 

Goodwood police spokesperson Warrant Office Wayne Theunis confirmed that an investigation is underway.

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