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Rat infestation in Summer Greens?

A Summer Greens resident claims she is having sleepless nights because of rats in the area.

Irene Armstrong is concerned that with the illegal dumping behind her house there is a rat infestation in the area.

According to her, the rats go in and out of the stormwater drain not far from her house. They also have a breeding ground in the dirt that is dumped close to the wetlands behind her house.

Her biggest concern is that she can’t even open her windows or doors as she is worried that the rats might come into her house.

She has put rat poison all around her house to ensure that they don’t enter her house.

“Look at my beautiful house. I can’t even open the windows because I’m scared they will come into my house and eat my expensive couches. I’m not used to closed doors but now I have no choice.

“What is really worrisome for me is that rats are unhealthy, if it goes on like this, we will get sick. Rats carry all sorts of diseases and we can’t allow that to happen. Some-thing needs to be done,” she says.

Armstrong says she has requested to have the wetland behind her house closed off to avoid dumping.

“It must be fenced off so that people don’t dump there,” she says.

Taking TygerBurger through the area, Armstrong says she called a municipal official to report the issue about the rats and she was told: “It is your duty as a property owner to stop the rats”, she says.

She claims that the problem of the rats started sometime last year.

“To ensure that they get rid of the rats she called on the neighbours to see what they can do and how they can keep the area clean, but she claims no one wanted to do anything.

“This is our Summer Greens, we have to look after it if we don’t, no one will. But when I talked to people no one really wanted us to do anything. People are always saying Irene you think you own Summer Greens. But rats are really unhygienic,” she says.

What also keeps her awake at night is the fact that her 12-year-old daughter is in constant fear when she goes to the dust bin or wakes up to get ready for school.

“My daughter is always screaming when she sees the rats and that is not good for her health. The rats are really big,” he says.

TygerBurger also spoke to a few neighbours close to her house who refuted the claims that there are rats.

One of the neighbours spoke on condition that he remains anonymous. He says: “There are no rats here. Yes, there is dumping at the back and I only saw a rat once but that was it.

“We keep our houses clean and we don’t really have a problem. You can also see from the streets it is clean, where do you see rats here?” he asks.

Ward 4 councillor Wandisile Ngeyi says there is no rat problem in Summer Greens. “This is the first time that I’m hearing about it. If there was a problem at least the ratepayers’ association would have said something in our meetings. I’m the first point of contact in the area and this is news to me,” he says.

“However, the resident must contact me and I will send health inspectors to investigate and resolve the problem.

“Summer Greens doesn’t have a rat problem,” he says.

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