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‘We don’t want braaiing’

Brooklyn, Ysterplaat and Rugby Residents’ Association (Byrra) has made it clear that they don’t want braaiing along Koeberg Road by next year.

People braaiing in front of shops along the main road continue to be a headache for residents.

Braai-stands are put outside the shops and residents are concerned that these are destroying the image of the main road.

Speaking at the Byrra meeting at Focus College in Brooklyn on Thursday 3 October, the re-elected chair Fay Vogel said: “We want the law to be enforced. We want no braais by next year. Saturdays and Sundays have become so frustrating because it’s like a party out there. There is a lot of drinking. This is a battle, but this is the image of Brooklyn and it should be maintained,” she said.

Giving feedback on the street vendors, Cherly Castle co-opted board member said she joined sporadic operations with law enforcement to tackle illegal trading on the main road. “I joined law enforcement to do the compliance check. The informal trading department has given the vendors a hawker’s trading permit. This is a temporary piece of paper that allows them to trade on the verandas of the shops.

“Our concern is there is no follow up or criteria on how this can be done. There is an enormous number of people that are braaiing outside the shops and it is a problem for us. We need clarity and the bylaw to be enforced,” she said.

One of the residents wanted to know if they could get traffic calming measures for Justin Street as street racing was getting out of hand.

“Cars and motorbikes are racing down that street with kids playing at the park. We have seen traffic officers sit there during the day but the racing takes place late afternoon. I’m really concerned,” he said.

“We have asked for calming measures on this street previously, but officials told us that unless a child is knocked down they won’t be able to do anything.”

Ward councilor Fabian Ah-Sing posted his response to the concerns raised by Byraa on his Facebook page.

He stated that open braais on Koeberg Road are being dealt with by law enforcement and the health department.

“Law enforcement has had operations to deal with this issue. Due to the complicated nature of the issue, little visible progress has been made,” he stated adding that the way forward is to involve the informal trading department as part of the interdepartmental task team.

“I will have an additional meeting with law enforcement, the health department, and the informal traders’ department to brainstorm additional steps that can be taken to resolve this concern.

“I have also requested feedback regarding the progress made on the amendment to the City’s informal traders’ bylaw.

“I have requested that this feedback be done at our subcouncil activity day,” he said.

Vogel made the residents aware that as the Byrra board, they will be taking a step back with regard to the main road and allow Ah-Sing to deal with this matter. 

Vogel also thanked the residents for filing their C3 notifications. “A number of previous issues have been resolved. Those still outstanding will be followed up,” she said.

She also invited residents to join the subcommittee to help with lodging C3s. 

Vicky Pritchard, Jappy de Vries and Tina Groenewald will be joining Cheryl Koen and Sonja Smith in this subcommitee. 

“We can’t do this on our own and thank you so much to each and everyone that has in some way helped Byrra in C3 reports or otherwise,’’ she said

The board members were re-elected with vice-chair Paul Carpenter, Vivian De Kock, secretary, and Eben Vermeulen as the treasurer. Robert Goch remains the honorary member and Castle co-opted on the board to help in case the chair and the vice can’t attend a meeting.

It was also announced at the meeting that Carpenter got his appointment letter as part of the ward committee.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 7 November at Focus College in Brooklyn.

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