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Fibre optics to benefit all
  • New system will give residents a competitive advantage
  • Access to the world's fstest and most resilient internet speed
  • A fibre optic (glass or polymer) network enables users to overcome linitations


Eager sub contractors preparing the poles for the fibre optic cables. Photo: Kgojane Matutle

A new initiative, designed to give Matjhabeng residents a competitive advantage, has been revealed.

The company MTD Civils and Network Planning is installing fibre optic network infrastructure in and around the municipal area that will give residents access to the world’s fastest, most resilient internet speed.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us just how much people around the world rely on the internet – both at home and at work,” says Quinton Groenewald, chief executive officer of the company.

“As our reliance on technology grows greater, internet connectivity needs to be secure yet agile, flexible and resilient.”

A fibre optic (glass or polymer) network enables users to overcome the limitations of traditional copper cable communications networks.

According to Groenewald, the speed at which communication takes place is the decisive parameter for the networks of the future.

“The need to support more applications, coverage and capacity will continue to put demands on our infrastructure selection. Optical fibre is capable in catering to these trends. As the network requirements in both the wired and wireless world fuel the need for high reliability, low delay, high bandwidth and extended distances, fibre optic solutions reach deeper and deeper into the network,” Groenewald said.

“Optical fibre is a solid strand of glass as thin as a human hair. It is designed to carry information, using pulses of light emitted by a light source.

“There are increasingly compelling reasons to use optical fibre. Increased bandwidth allows fibre to deliver data rates spanning across the full range from kilobits to megabits to multiple gigabits per second. No other media provides the same cable plant longevity. Installing fibre today will support your network infrastructure needs far into the future.”

Altogether 12 local companiess have been identified as subcontractors in this initiative, and more than 250 families will benefit from the project.

It is anticipated that the project will run for eight months, with the first phase to be completed by the end of November.

As the project moves through Matjhabeng, more people will be employed in different wards. The company will pay rates for every pole planted and existing pole used, resulting in revenue for the municipality.

The completion of this initiative will put Matjhabeng at a major advantage as it strives to build a brighter future with cutting-edge technology.

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