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Reflecting on first 30 days as council chair

A month has passed and so much has happened, but we continue to face a mountain of challenges.

Week after week we witness many young innocent fall victim to crime; pain and suffering are all around while we look to rebuilding an already broken society.

I am pleased to provide the community with positive feedback on what we have accomplished among the five pillars of service we have committed to at Sub-council 1:


This is one of the biggest challenges. I am constantly liaising with departments and officials to address the housing issues. We are currently doing an audit to identify unused City land in the Sub Council 1 area for potential release to the open market. Current housing projects are discussed and we are hoping to soon engage with the public on these housing matters.

Rental stock

Upgrading of rental stock is underway. I’ve had meetings with officials to discuss the condition of rental stock in Atlantis. More meetings are to follow and a clear plan of action will be provided. Unfortunately this takes time, but we have to and will keep on working with departments to address the many, many challenges relating to rental stock. I recently visited Dura Flats, where we are addressing the plumbing challenges. The installation of new pots and cisterns are underway. These projects are budget-dependent, and we are endeavouring to roll this project out at all our rental stock as far as budget allows.


Several EPWP projects are to be rolled out in areas in Atlantis, and we have engaged with departments on projects within Atlantis. We have updated our Job Seekers database and will soon see the first selection of candidates appointed. I want to encourage applicants to participate in opportunities and not to choose which project they wish to accept and which not. EPWP is not a permanent employment opportunity, but could very well lead to one. The first 70 applicants to participate in the Code 10 driver licence project will soon be interviewed. A further 40 applicants for the welding course will soon be interviewed. These projects are all managed under the MURP project.

Community-based organisations

CBOs play a huge role in society. I have called on organisations to register on the Sub-council database, but much to my dismay very few have done so. Many people claim to belong to various organisations, but are not registered on our database. We have invited them to register, so are they really representing the community?


It has become clear that we need to arrest this ever increasing, soul destroying, evil and faceless enemy. Through the MURP project we have secured R500 000 worth of equipment, which will be rolled out to the safety and security sector. The establishing of neighbourhood watch structures and training of members will soon be rolled out. We have placed six auxiliary law enforcement officers in the CBD and hope to roll out more officers in other areas of Atlantis. Other initiatives are underway and will be reported to the community after they are concluded.

General service delivery

The focus on service delivery is paramount, and it will remain a high priority for all councillors.

Since taking office 30 days ago I have had 62 engagements with members of the public. In addition to that I attended meetings of local organisations, attended committee meetings in Ward 29 and 32, attended public events, public meetings and have done site visits to areas of concern.

I have also attended and resolved several long outstanding matters, and have engaged daily with officials and line departments to focus on better and effective services to our residents. This is besides any statutory engagements and commitments as well as matters in my own ward.

Last Saturday the newly elected and established flat committee at Dura Flats hosted a beauty pageant. I was honoured to attend, and the success and participation by members of the community left me humbled. The event was hosted at Dura Park, and some of our young men assisted the committee members in cleaning and painting the park, for which I’m grateful. The jovial spirit and unity that has inspired me to host the next event. Thank you, Atlantis, for your love, support and willingness to make a difference – Together we will effect change!

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