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No boundaries besides ones I set for myself

Please tell us a little about yourself, and your current position or role in the community? I’m originally from Johannesburg. I’ve been residing in Vredenburg since 2000, and have been married for 22 years with three children. I was elected PR Councillor in 2013, and in 2016 as Ward Councillor for Ward 8, and then as Deputy Mayor of Saldanha Bay. Whenever I have been given a task, I’ve always tried to perform it to the best of my ability, or address issues as quickly as possible to make my community happy. I strongly believe in serving the community with dignity and not just making promises, because to me it’s a symbol of commitment and I don’t like failing anyone. Networking to build healthy relationships with my people is of the utmost importance.

What does being a woman mean to you? Being a woman is awesome! I can multi-task! I believe I am strong and have no boundaries besides the ones I set for myself. I am a woman with integrity and a resolute spirit, who sees the seeking for equality, justice and freedom for all my people as a priority. Challenges are always positive because they shape me in striving to do better. My faith is the central focus that carries me through all life’s circumstances and to face problems head-on.

What are some of the challenges you as a woman still face today? My biggest challenge is being placed in a position of authority, knowing that the best is expected of me as a leader to voice the community’s concerns and to ensure matters are being addressed and the things that are needed materialise, for if they don’t it frustrates me, and makes me feel that I have failed my community. I don’t know if not responding is because people fear one’s ability, but this is always a challenge in the political field.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self? I would have pursued my childhood dream to become a medical doctor to help my current community in need who cannot afford private healthcare and proper medical treatment. I strongly believe accomplishing one’s goals doesn’t always come easily because success is a process, not a destination. Success is not an arrival it’s a journey. The starting point of all achievement is a desire driven by passion. So if I had equipped myself with all this motivation back then, I would’ve been the happiest woman. But I have no regrets about where I am today, for I am merely serving community needs in another way, delivering a service for them which also addresses their needs.

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