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Young voices
Give youth space to express their needs

On 16 June 2021 we once more commemorated 16 June 1976, and we celebrated the youth of 16 June 2021.

Last year we had to celebrate Youth Day very much in isolation and this year allowed for a bit more in-person gatherings.

On 16 June, however, I was pretty much alone in my flat and I reflected on myself and my own journey as a youth, and perhaps more importantly on the well-being of the greater youth population in the Breede Valley Municipality (BVM), of whom I am part.

I am pleased to say that in the Breede Valley and in Worcester we have a very active young population.

First, I would like to speak to my peers. In Worcester we have various movements and small businesses that are led and owned by the youth. And again, I think of SVE Media, the EenDak movement, YTISkyling, ADL (Agter Die Lens) Photography, and one could go on and on, but these are movements led by the youth for the youth.

basheer arries
Basheer Arries

I want to encourage and appeal to the greater Worcester and BVM community to support our youth in their self-development. Your support does not only benefit the small businesses or for the art or any other skillset or product that comes from the individual, but also contributes towards the “facelift” of the youth, and that of the Breede Valley which youth are also working to achieve.

So when we support and encourage movements and small businesses led and owned by the youth we encourage a culture of resourcefulness. We encourage a culture of supporting local ideas and dreams.

To the youth who lead and own these movements and small businesses, I want to make us aware once more that as young people youth development is our biggest task. Come let us make sure we create spaces where our skills and knowledge are transferred to those who are curious and interested in what it is that we do. Let’s run free workshops and engagement with one another and with other dreaming youth. Let us build community first.

I do think it necessary too to make other key role-players in the Breede Valley aware of their responsibility for the development of youth, of which the local municipality is the biggest one. I am convinced the efforts of the youth in Worcester and surrounding towns are evidence of our dreams, but that is often due to lack of resources, which means lift-off of our dreams and community outreaching takes longer.

I wish to see our local municipality (BVM) and our local business chamber become involved in youth development.

The youth have proven that lack of certain resources does not limit our dreaming, but it does limit our reach into the greater youth population for peer development. Let us put our monies where our mouths are and have meaningful development.

And for that you will need to let the youth speak to you about what it is that we need and what it is that we are dreaming of; for ourselves, our town and the culture we want future generations to inherit.

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