Lees jou gunsteling-tydskrifte en -koerante nou alles op een plek teen slegs R99 p.m. Word 'n intekenaar
At last the Mo can go, my Bro
Oh, how I thankful I am for 1 December – the day normality returns.
The day I can look in the mirror and see myself again.
The day the itching and irritation stops. The day that the Mo will go.
On 1 November every year many men around the world start caring for their new baby – a baby called “The Abracadabra”, “The Rock Star”, “The Regent”, “The Trucker”, “The Wisp”, “The Connoisseur”, “The After Eight”, “The Box Car or “The Undercover Brother”.
We will take care of our “Box Car” or “Trucker”. We will trim it and keep it tidy, and think we look good (but deep down we know that we are no Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds).
Ben Burger
Ben Burger...and his Mo
We take the itching and irritation, the teasing by friends and co-workers, and the month of almost no kisses from wives or girlfriends, because we do it for our brothers.
It is brothers we may not know, that we may never meet, who suffer from cancer that we draw attention to.
Movember is an international movement committed to changing the face of men’s health. The way most men support this is to grow a moustache (Mo) during November, but for many of us it is not easy. The reason it’s not easy is that all facial hair is not created equal.
For some Mo Bros it takes only a few days to get “The Rock Star” or “The Regent”. For others it will take a few weeks even to see the semblance of a Mo. But we all do it and we each have a reason.
For me it is a way to commemorate my late father who died of cancer when I was a student more than 20 years ago.
The constant itching and irritation above my upper lip does not compare in the least to the pain and suffering he had to endure in fighting cancer, but for these 30 days of Movember it is my way of saying “I miss you, Dad” and “I wish we had more time together”.
So, whether the Mo Bro next to you is sporting The Connoisseur or The Wisp, or even just a few upper-lip hairs standing up straight and out of line, remember he is doing it for a worthy cause.
To the Mo Bros who, like me, can’t stand the itching anymore, it is almost 1 December.
Then the Mo can go.

Ben Burger is Boland Media’s Editorial Hub Manager
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