“Ons hou elke drie jaar ’n  familiereüinie. My pa se uitgebreide familie kom dan van so ver as China,” vertel die Bravo!-aanbieder en KFM-omroeper.

“Ons gaan die oggend kerk toe en dan kom ons almal bymekaar by die venue wat vir middagete en die geskenkoorhandiging gereël is. Ons is ongeveer 100 mense wat heeldag saam kuier. Ons het T-hemde met ons familiewapen ontwerp wat almal dra.”

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Christmas Eve ??

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Natuurlik gaan haar ma se skaapboud ook op die Kerstafel wees.

Tracey se gunsteling Kersherinnering uit haar kinderjare is aan musiek.

“In ons buurt was daar 'n oom wat lid van die vloot se orkes was. Hulle sou Kersoggend van 04:30 in ons buurt rondloop en Kersliedere speel. My ma sou ons altyd wakker maak sodat ons na hulle kon luister.”

Kersfees is vir haar “’n tyd met te veel kos en te veel lag; ’n tyd saam met familie en ’n tyd van herinneringe uit jare gelede deel”, sê sy.

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About 2 months ago I came across the cologne you loved and thought I’d save it for your birthday. However, I was too excited to wait and decided to give it to you a day after buying it. I’m glad I didn’t wait, because less than 12 hours before your 71st birthday, you passed away peacefully. From making games out of nothing to entertain me and my friends as kids, to calming my fears and always motivating me to try and do more as a teenager and in life. You guided me through many work issues and always encouraged me to treat every one I meet, with love. Your work ethic was incredible. Let’s not forget the jokes and pranks. ?? The sadness from so many proves again that your heart was bigger than any of us could’ve imagined, because everyone just speaks of your love and kindness and how you included newcomers and made them feel at home from the moment they arrived in Somerset West. Your arms brought comfort to many children. Many have thanked us for allowing you to be a part of their lives, but that wasn’t us, you just had so much to give and you shared it without hesitation. Mom says you never gave us hidings, but I recall a few and I remember them fondly. ??Because those hands didn’t only give hidings, they were good at fixing my bike, sketching and building lego computers, it hugged well and not too long ago, washed my car cos you couldn’t stand how dirty it was! ??(with only one bucket of grey water mind you!) Those same hands taught me to pray as a child. I often brag that I got your small ears, but that didn’t mean you heard any less. Everyone knew they could come to you and speak because you listened. I still need to learn to use my ears as well as you used yours. When I think of you, it brings a smile to my face and for the next while that smile will be accompanied by tears. But these tears I will wear with pride because I’m so proud to have had you as my Daddy. You went over and above the call of duty Dad so in the words of your eldest, my sister, ‘Okay Daddy, Dankie!’ ??

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Tracey se geliefde pa, met wie sy ’n baie hegte band gehad het, ’n dag voor sy 71ste verjaarsdag op 30 September skielik weens ’n hartaanval oorlede.

“Ons gesels oor dié wat afgesterf het en onthou hul lewens deur die stories wat ons vertel.”