Lynelle het op Instagram onthul sy is 10 kg ligter as 18 maande gelede en dra deesdae ’n no. 8-kleregrootte.

Packing, packing, packing! #outfitfortheday #sneakergirl

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Lynelle het vroeër vir ons vertel sy het ernstig begin oefen nadat haar ma, Christene, in 2015 ná ’n lang kankerstryd oorlede is. Sy beskou oefening as die beste vorm van terapie.

Lynelle het gister ’n kiekie van haar transformasie sover gedeel en toe gebieg dat dit nie ’n maklike besluit was om die kiekies te deel nie, veral omdat jy haar maag kon sien.

“Dit is ek – 10 kg ligter as 18 maande gelede en fikser en sterker as ooit tevore. Ek dra nou ’n nommer 8,” het sy by die foto geskryf. “Maar ek baklei altyd teen daardie knaende stem wat sê: ‘Jou maag is steeds aaklig – jy sal nooit daardie benydenswaardige bikini-lyf hê nie,’ ” bieg sy. “Dis so maklik om jou lyf te vir enige onvolmaakthede te kritiseer en te vergeet van al die harde werk en vordering wat jou hier gebring het,” vertel sy verder. Lees haar dapper inskrywing hier . . .

The illusion of perfection - I've been following some inspirational fitness transformations on Instagram, and the ones that are the most powerful, are the ones that are unashamedly REAL. Posting this pic was scary AF. This is me - 10kgs lighter than 18 months ago, and fitter and stronger than ever before. Down to a size 8. BUT - always fighting that nagging voice that says "your stomach is still horrible - you'll never have that enviable bikini body". It's so easy to body shame what you perceive as imperfections, and forget about the hard work and progress that brought you here. I can feel how much my core has improved, even if it's still masked by excess fat/skin. I'm fucking proud, and will continue to push myself, six pack or not. Because it really isn't about what you look like. It's about saying "Beauty is a state of mind. Self-respect and self-love are the muscles everyone should be working out." So go out there and kick ass. Unashamedly #getreal #confidence #fitness #motivation #fitfam #healthy #instafit #fitspo #transformation #muscle #abs #body #weightlossjourney #determination #inspiration #gains #progress #dedication

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Lynelle het ook onlangs op Instagram vertel hoe sy sukkel om haar ma se dood te verwerk. Sy sukkel soms om uit die bed op te staan en bars by tye in trane uit, onthul sy. “Ek het dit nie toe geweet nie, maar my hart het gebreek toe my ma oorlede is,” vertel sy. “Ek het vrede gemaak met die feit dat ek vir die res van my lewe met ’n gebroke hart sal moet leef omdat ek haar mis.”

Grief is a funny thing - just when you think you're over the worst, it rushes back and threatens to overwhelm you. A powerful mix of sadness, disbelief, pain. Sometimes it takes all of my strength to get out of bed. Some days I'll sob. I didn't know it then, but my heart broke when my mom died. Really fucking broke. So she didn't suffer anymore, but the way she died was beyond kak. It left me traumatised for MONTHS. I have made peace with the fact that I will live the rest of my life with the heartbreak of missing her. It's a testament to the love that was, and always will be. For me, working out is a way of channeling the intensity of those feelings positively. Not self-medicating with alcohol or sex (two wonderful things if you're not dependent on them as coping mechanisms). I cry when I run sometimes. I allow myself to feel fully. To feel is to be alive. Now my heart is embracing all of the beauty this life has to offer and my body is strong. Good night universe #loss #love #honesty #compassion

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Sy het ook al vertel dat sy elke dag meer soos haar ma lyk.

when you realise that you are resembling your Mom more every day... #guardianangel

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