Wie is die sangers agter dié lirieke?

A.You said you loved me, I said I loved you back. What happened to that?

Leidraad: Die liedjie bevat ’n stemposboodskap van die sangeres se eks.

B. You make me laugh, you make me cry, I don’t know which side to buy. Your friends, they’re jerks, when you act like them just know it hurts.

Leidraad: Sy het met een van die Jonas-broers uitgegaan.

C. I can breathe for the first time. I’m so movin’ on, yeah, yeah. Thanks to you, now I get, I get what I want.

Leidraad: Die snit het vir dié American Idol-wenner ’n Grammy in die sak gebring.

D: My weakness caused you pain, and this song’s my sorry.

Leidraad: Sy is ’n sangeres, ma van twee en voormalige beoordelaar op The X Factor (Amerika).

E. Tell them all I know now. Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline. All we had is gone now.

Leidraad: Haar ander groot treffer het oor ’n T-hemp gegaan.

F. When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said.

Leidraad: Dié Britse sangeres is ook die stem agter die Bond-liedjie Skyfall.

ANTWOORDE: A: Selena Gomez – Love Will Remember, B: Miley Cyrus – 7 Things, C: Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone, D: Britney Spears – Everytime, E: Shontelle – Impossible, F: Adele – Don’t You Remember

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