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Vista Letters

Chopo Teleki, Welkom:

Before the ushering in of the new political dispensation, Matjhabeng was the hub of the economy of the Free State.

The businesses in this area bursted into prosperity. As a result, the inhabitants of Matjhabeng were all employed and flourishing.

When the mines were abruptly and unilaterally closed down after 1994, the economy of Matjhabeng tremendously declined.

It spiralled down for the last two decades or so.

Notably, many people of the nearby farms, erstwhile homelands and from elsewhere in Africa flocked to Matjhabeng to seek employment and to pursue illegal businesses such as the selling of illegal drugs.

These people moved into Matjhabeng without being controlled. The reports abound that most immigrants from elsewhere are not recorded.

This suggests that the officials of Matjhabeng do not know these people who came to squat at the perimeter of the cities and towns and even those who came to illegally live in the townships of Matjhabeng.

Upon arriving in Matjhabeng, they could not find jobs. This resulted in many taking part in criminal activities.

The deteriorated economy of Matjhabeng should not be viewed in isolation, because Matjhabeng is a microcosm of the Free State.

Before an attempt is made at resuscitating the economy of Matjhabeng, I suggest that along the Caledon River from Qwaqwa to Zastron the government should establish Caledonian Industrial Areas, which will allow industrial activities to take place at Fouriesburg, Ficksburg, Clocolan, Ladybrand, Wepener, Smithfield and Rouxville.

I have a strong belief that these industrial areas will curb the movement of people who flock to Matjhabeng and Bloemfontein.

Lastly and more im­portantly, the economy of Matjhabeng, Kroonstad, Bethlehem, Harri­smith and Sasolburg must seriously be given attention. The officials of these areas must allow investors from every corner of the world to invest in the Free State, not only Chinese investors.

We must adopt the economy system of developed countries such as Great Britain, whose towns and cities are all economically viable.

The Free State economy cannot be amicably rebuilt without involving all South Africans.

South African people cannot afford to perpetually hate each other and insult each other in the national assembly, legislatures and municipal chambers.

In these important three offices, officials should be seen discussing the development of the country and the methods of dealing with social ills that are prevalent in our country.

For how long are we going to hate each other? For how long are we going to kill each other?

What do we benefit from killing and hating each other?

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