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Moira le Roux from Parow recently passed her driver’s license test. She says one is never too old to achieve new goals. Here she is with her instructor Shane Thomas and husband Neville le Roux (72).
Moira le Roux from Parow recently passed her driver’s license test. She says one is never too old to achieve new goals. Here she is with her instructor Shane Thomas and husband Neville le Roux (72).

A senior citizen from Glenlily in Parow has shown that you are never too old to learn new things.

Moira le Roux (66) recently obtained her driver’s license, something she says she is very proud of.

“A lesson for everyone, that you are never too old to reach your goals, as long as you do not give up,” she says.

Her journey to obtain the license started last year.

“I decided to do it because all the young ones in our family go for it and they tell me all the time when they have passed, and that made me feel small. I said to myself that I am also going to do it.

“The other reason for my decision is a husband who is getting old. I thought, before I get too dependent on him, let me go,” says Moira who celebrated her 67th birthday on Sunday.

She passed out at the Goodwood Traffic Department on Saturday 2 October.

“That was my second time, as I had failed the first time. I made another appointment immediately after I failed the first session.”

Her first attempt was on Tuesday 14 September.

“I was disappointed when I failed the first time around. My learner’s license expires on 5 December so I had to make a plan soon. At my age I do not want to rewrite the learner’s test again.”

She said she burst out in tears when she was informed about passing her driver’s license test two weeks ago.

“I felt better than on the day I got married. I did not expect it.

“They told me that they are going to give me a temporary license, but my hands were shaking so much that they could not even take my finger-prints. They had to wait a while,” Moira says.

She says she could not stop crying.

“My instructor picked me up and carried me to my husband who was waiting at the car. It was a nice experience, and it made me feel very good.

“To drive is nothing, but the K53 test I am telling you, it is not for the faint-hearted.”

Her original instructor, CJ Oosthuizen, was the person who made all of this possible, she says. “He could not make it to my last lesson, so someone else stood in for him, but he was very good. When he came to pick me up, I did not even know where the hooter was.”

Moira also says she was afforded the opportunity to learn how to drive after calling into a local radio station in February lastyear when she told the presenters about the one thing on her bucket list she still would love to do. The driving school, He & She Driver Training Centre, offered her 23 lessons free of charge. The City of Cape Town’s traffic services also offered to take her out to teach her the rules of the road.

“I am going to leave the L on my car. I am a driver, but with little experience. This way the other people on the road can have a bit of respect for me as a learner. I will also continue to drive with my husband.”

Moira says having achieved this milestone makes her feel like a diamond.

“It is a big thing off my shoulders as I sacrificed everything to concentrate on my driver’s. I do part-time sewing to earn an extra income, but had to stop it to focus on my driver’s license.

“My husband is also happy that I can drive,” Moira says.

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